Brown Safety Services is an expert team of professional safety trainers and staff with a can-do attitude.

About Brown Safety


Brown Safety Services is a team of occupational safety professionals with a “can do” attitude and a focus on “things that work.” We support clients with qualified safety professionals for short-notice, and short-term projects as well as long-term assignments. We provide seasoned safety experts with decades of experience in private industry and the government sector. Construction projects, manufacturing sites, municipalities, and power plants all benefit from our services. We help our clients implement their safety programs, reach their safety goals, and augment their staffing needs. When needed, we can design and manage safety programs and provide training as well as expert staff to ensure each client has a safe and productive workforce.


Onsite Safety Staffing Services

We pledge to provide the best staff, using state-of-the-art methods. We custom design our programs to fit the needs of each client and project. We pride ourselves on rapid response to our clients’ changing needs.


Safety Staffing Business Advantages

Although we’re not a large company, our entire business is focused only on safety services, giving our clients a big impact. Clients who are interested in contracting with a minority business benefit from receiving safety services delivered through our MBE partner Hawk Health and Safety.


Qualified Safety Professionals

Brown clients benefit from specially trained experts with the right experience and certifications for the job. Our staff has a strong work ethic, uncompromised integrity, and high standards.

Brown Safety Services sends qualified safety professionals to worksite's nationwide and even in remote areas!

Expert Safety Professionals

On-Site Safety For You


Brown Safety Services sends certified, qualified, experienced, and insured safety professionals to worksites to implement and enforce safety programs, and to ensure a safe work environment. Brown staff can fill short-term and long-term jobs. We can deploy on very short notice. Our staff is experienced across all industries and job types.

We also provide these support services:

  • Safety Audits
  • Safety Reports
  • On-Site Drug & Alcohol Testing
  • On-Site Respirator Fit Testing & Pulmonary Function Testing
  • Safety Training
Brown Safety Services can provide customized safety training courses to meet any employers needs.

Custom Safety Training Programs

Designed to Fit Your Custom Safety Training Needs

All Brown Safety Services training courses are cost-effective, use up-to-date information and methods, and are compliant with regulations.


OSHA 10- and 30-Hour Safety Training Courses

We offer OSHA 10-hour and 30-hour construction and general industry programs to teach your workforce the basics of occupational safety and health. Students taught by OSHA-authorized trainers will receive OSHA course completion cards.


MSHA Safety Training

Brown will work with you to develop a first-class mine safety training program that fits both the MSHA requirements and the specific needs of your site.


Environmental Safety Training (HAZWOPER)

Brown identifies proper curriculums and training methods to ensure each client receives appropriate environmental safety training.


Custom Safety Training Programs

Brown will provide custom content for individual clients and specific projects. Brown can also design the training programs to deliver the content. Our instructors provide learning options for all adult-student learning styles and preferences, from traditional in-person classes to the latest training technologies available.

Brown Safety Services can provide in-person on the job safety training for your employees.

Safety Program Development

Creating the Right Safety Training Program for You

Because every industry is different and no two job sites are alike, standard safety programs may not be the right fit for your company.

Fortunately, Brown Safety Services, LLC, has years of experience customizing safety programs. We will design a client-specific, project-specific, or site-specific safety program for your company. Our personnel have experience across many industries. We can update existing programs, add new modules, or design completely new programs.

Brown’s experts will come to your site and work with you to create a system that’s right for your business. Alternately, we can work with you remotely – over the phone and the internet – to develop your program. Brown staff then arrive at your site “just in time” for implementation. If needed, our staff can stay on-site to help run the program or hand off to your team. No matter if your job is big or small, Brown will create a safety program to help you achieve your goals.


Designed by Safety Professionals

Brown’s safety professionals draw upon years of hands-on experience to design first-class safety programs. We have the training and certifications needed for this responsibility, and know the safety requirements, the government regulations, and the best practices, too. When you hire Brown, our know-how becomes yours.


Expert Safety Results

Whether created on site or developed remotely, all of Brown’s custom-designed safety programs meet the highest professional and government safety standards and achieve world-class results.


Contact us for information on jobs with Brown Safety Services.

Brown Safety Services works in a fast-paced industry with frequent job openings. Additionally, our clients often ask us to help them find qualified people who are interested in working turnarounds, performing occupational/environmental safety, radiological safety, or industrial hygiene. Such jobs usually become available with little or no advance notice. If you wish to be kept on file to be considered for upcoming positions, please send us your resume along with information about the certifications you hold. Call or fax us for information about our current job openings. Be sure to include the following information when you email or fax your resume to Brown Safety Services:


By submitting this information, you grant Brown Safety Services permission to store and review the information you submit and to contact you. Items marked with an asterisk are required.



By submitting this information, you grant Brown Safety Services permission to store and review the information you submit and to contact you. Items marked with an asterisk are required.

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